How do I check webmail?

This article will describe the steps to check your email via your accounts included webmail interface.
  • You will first need to have your internet browser open.

  • In the browsers address bar, enter the address for your domain, followed by /webmail.
    (example = then hit "enter" or "click go")

  • Enter your eMail address. The complete address!
    (example -

  • Enter your eMail address password.
    If you copy paste it, be sure there are no beginning or trailing white space characters! Also be sure your "Caps Lock" is off.

  • TwoRebels Hosting offers three different webmail programs. They all check the same eMail, and your are free to choose the one you want. We recommend roundcube, but it really is a matter of preference. We encourage you to try them all and decide which is best suited for you!

  • After you know which program you like best, you may want to click "Enable Autoload" which will cause you to go straight to that program when you log in. When you first enable Autoload, you will be presented with a choice of how many seconds to wait be for automatically loading your choice eMail progam. This delay lets you cancel it if you so choose.
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